Article Builder Review – What I Like – Article Builder is so easy to use, you can pick a topic and then create a single high quality article, 20 articles or 400 articles if you so choose. You can select the length of article you want from 300 words up to 1000 words, automaticlly replace LSI keywords and even set all the articles to the same number of paragraphs if you need to.

The coolest feature of Article Builder for me is using it for my backlinking campaigns. I can spin up to 20 articles together from any one topic, auto inject LSI kewords and then download that super spun article in spintax format for my article submission service. I know every article will read right and not sound like it’s been spun. This gives me high quality backlinks every time!

Article Builder has saved me so much time and a ton of money. I pay one yearly fee and have all the high quality articles I need and then some!

If you’re looking for the official Article Builder website with special discount offer, click the link above in description.

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